Who is this Liz person?

I’m the editor of Discover Yamhill Valley. I moved here from Virginia, and I’m falling in love with Oregon. My weekdays are spent writing and editing. This blog is all about my weekends, which I spend adventuring and exploring, either from the saddle of my bicycle or with a glass of wine in my hand. Or a mug of beer balanced on my head. You never know.


2 Responses to Who is this Liz person?

  1. Barbara Nelson says:

    hi Liz,
    I enjoy your blog. I’m considering relocating to the McMinville area from San Antonio Texas due to early retirement. Prior to San Antonio I lived for many years on the Central Coast of California. I’m just wondering how easy you have found it to become connected to the community. Is it friendly and welcoming to newcomers? Any other insights regarding relocation would be much appreciated.

  2. Liz says:

    You’re in for a big change, weather-wise, at least!
    McMinnville is really quite accessible, I’ve found. It’s a fairly small town, and there are definitely families that have been here for generations. But they’re used to newcomers, too, for sure. Part of this area’s appeal is the casual vibe and slower pace. That makes it a little easier to settle in, too. Check the News-Register newspaper and the events calendar at DiscoverYamhillValley.com for fun things to do, and then go out there and be forward! Have fun! Join a club, take a class, volunteer — all the usual things one does when relocating.
    Keep in touch!

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