That’s beautiful! What is that?

I’m coming up on a year in Oregon.

It’s so cool!

And I mean that literally. I love how I can bike 15 miles on a June morning and still show up at my destination looking like a human being. In case you were wondering, that doesn’t happen in Virginia.

Besides my daisy-like freshness, the difference in climate means different plants. I’ve seen things growing wild alongside trails that I’ve seen for sale in nurseries back east. None of the trees are familiar. Everything smells different, even. So, to educate myself, I visited the native plant demonstration garden at the McMinnville Public Library.

According to the explainer signs in the native plants garden at the McMinnville Public Library, this California poppy likes plenty of sun.

Are you a gardener interested in working with native plants in order to preserve the local ecology? Or perhaps just a curious hiker wondering just what that little pink flower is? Spend a little time at the garden skirting McMinnville Public Library, at 225 N.E. Adams St., McMinnville. Hand-drawn and hand-lettered signs explain which plants are where, plus other tidbits of information.

Signs in the garden identify this as an incense cedar.

For example, if you’re considering natives for your own garden, you might like to know which are sun-loving perennials (Oregon sunshine, yarrow and Nelson’s sidalcea) or which will attract birds (blue and red elderberries).

Signs feature diagrams explaining which plants are where in the garden.

Stroll up and look around. It doesn’t cost a thing. Plus, you’ll learn something.

This sign tells you that ...

... this tree is a red alder.

There’s a native plants program at 7 p.m. the fourth Thursday of every month inside the library.

Plus, you can take a break from learning and sit on a lovely log bench donated by the McMinnville Women’s Garden Club. It’s a nice place to eat a sandwich.

This marks a nice spot to have a sandwich.


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I'm the editor of Discover Yamhill Valley. I moved here from Virginia, and I'm falling in love with with Oregon. My weekdays are spent writing and editing. This blog is all about my weekends, which I spend adventuring and exploring, either from the back of a bicycle or with a glass of wine in my hand. Or a mug of beer balanced on my head. You never know.
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